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            Technical Issues

            Auto Skip-My question got skipped automatically, what to do?

            Question on Q&A Board gets skip automatically because of following reasons: 
            Login in from multiple browsers
            Disruption of internet connection
            Leaving computer/laptop screen inactive for more than 15 minutes.

            Please make sure that you do not let the above three reasons to occur and always clear your browser history, cache and cookies for better answering experience.

            If the problem still persists, then please raise a ticket-

            My Stats table are not getting update, please help

            At times, you might face the issue that your answer count on the stats table is less or net getting updated, this could be due to a temporary technical glitch/delay. If your count does not get updated within 24 hrs, please raise a ticket.

            How can i reset my password? I am not able to receive link for forgot password

            We understand that you are unable to Sign in to your Chegg account. Please don’t worry!

            To access your Chegg account again, you are required to reset your password. Here’s what you need to do: 

            1. Go to Sign in Page
            2. Click on “Forgot Password?” option at the bottom of on the Sign in window (refer to the image)
            3. Enter the Email address registered with 
            4. You will shortly receive an email from Chegg Password Recovery ( containing a password reset link. Please wait for some time for the email and don’t forget to check spam folder.
            NOTE: If in case you have not received it, we request you to kindly click on forgot password again as sometimes due to technical glitch, the email containing the link for reset password gets delayed. We suggest you check the password recovery mail in all the folders of your mail box including spam folder.

            5. Follow the instructions to reset the password.

            Once you’ve successfully reset your password, click on the login link ( and start answering.

            I am getting the same questions again and again on my answering page even after skipping it multiple times, what should i do?

            Sometimes questions get locked in the browser and appear repeatedly after skipping.

            We recommend you to kindly logout and login again after clearing your browser history, cache and cookies or you can login from another browser.

            Updated: 14 Feb 2019 03:14 PM
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