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            Subject Change/Addition

            Subject Addition

            We have moved on to "One Subject per Expert Policy". 

            Only one subject will be given to an Expert. 

            Important: No subject addition request will be processed.

            Subject Change

            For Subject Change, you are required to furnish your supporting educational certificates as proof of your proficiency in the subject

            To change your subject, you will have to clear the subject test available at the link below: 

            Please Note: This will be a test comprising off 10 Multiple choice questions. You must clear the subject test (in a maximum of 2 attempts) in order for us to process your subjection change/addition request. 

            After clearing the test, please raise a ticket- and we'll process your request accordingly.

            Important: No vacancies are currently available in "Basic Maths" subjects (Pre-calculus, Trigonometry, Geometry, Pre-algebra, Algebra), "Other Maths" and "Calculus". Kindly do not raise a ticket for subject change for the mentioned subject.

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