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            Stats Reset on 1st of the month

            My stats got reset, please help! 

            The stats table on the right-hand side of your dashboard provides you insight of the questions that you have skipped and answered in a day, week and month. 

            Stats including Cf score get reset on the 1st of every month (at 1:30 PM) just to give a better clarification on how many questions one has solved and skipped in a month, so you need not to worry about it!!

            If you are a new expert on Chegg Q&A, your stats will show NA(Not available), which means that you haven’t answered/skipped any question on the Chegg Q&A board.

            Note: If CF is NA, this indicates that none of your answers have been rated yet.
            Updated: 31 Mar 2019 09:32 PM
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