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            Someone commented on my Answer

            How can I reply to students comments on my answer?

            Students often comment on your answers to seek further clarifications. Always try to reply to students comments and clarify their doubts in the comment section only.

            Whenever students comment on your answer, you will receive an email notification on your registered email ID containing a link to the comment. Clicking on the link will redirect you to the comments section of your answer where you can provide clarifications sought by the students.

            Please Note: 

            1. You can only post comments while using a laptop/desktop. In case you wish to post your clarifications using a mobile phone, please switch to "DESKTOP MODE" in your mobile web browser to view and respond to comments.

            2. Please DO NOT post your comments in the answering section. Use comments section to post your clarifications/comments.

            Note: Kindly do not reply comment in the answering section


                    Keep comments short and to the point, addressing the concern.

                    Maintain decorum and be respectful to the student, even if you don’t agree with the comment.


            STRICT DON’Ts:

                    DO NOT share personal details. If a student asks for your personal details; you must share such instances with your coordinator.

                    DO NOT post irrelevant comments. This can lead to revocation of your answering rights.

                    Arguing / conversations via series of comments is a STRICT NO.

                    DO NOT blame or bad mouth a student. If you have any concern regarding ratings/ comments / etc.; reach out to us.

            Updated: 02 Apr 2019 05:39 PM
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