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            CF Score

            What is CF score?

            CF score is a measure of the quality of answers you submit. It is typically the % of positive ratings your answers receive and is based on ratings given by students as well as our in-house Quality team. 

            To continue contributing on Chegg Q&A board, you are advised to maintain a healthy CF score of 80% and above.

            Note: Low CF scores are grounds for revocation of answering privileges.

            How can I improve my Cf score? I want to provide good Quality Answers.

            We would like to convey some very important points that will help you in improving your answering quality/CF score therefore helping you build up a great profile with us.

            Below are the common errors which experts usually commit while answering:

            Plagiarized Answer – Plagiarism is using someone else’s work and submitting it as a part of the answer. Note: If you are not sure about the answer then skip the question using “Do not have subject knowledge to answer’’ option.
            Giving Direct Answers to Multiple Choices Questions – As per the guideline, provide detailed steps/explanation for the correct answers. If you are answering anything just make sure the handwriting is very clear and legible.
            Writing comments in answer section about a question – Answer section is for submitting answers only! You might get revoked due to this, and we never want that to happen!
            If a question has a link to another website for details – We do not appreciate this from the students. Please SKIP such questions as Abusive/Spam.
            Calculation errors –Please double check the calculation before submitting the answer. Your challenging work will be in vain if you make some calculation errors.
            Not Skipping Incomplete Questions – If a question is incomplete, then you should SKIP the question with ‘Needs More Information’ tag and provide comments in the SKIP section only. Do not write any comment in the answering section/comments section.

            Always submit correct,  step by step detailed explanation in your answers. You can attach neat and readable images and diagram whenever required.

            Students are down voting my answer even when my answers are correct? What should I do?

            Students usually down vote your answers if they find your answers are incorrect/irrelevant/incomplete. In case you wish to seek more clarity on why your answer was down voted, you may relevant clarifications from the student in the COMMENTS section. 

            Note: Please refrain from posting unnecessary/ argumentative/ irrelevant comments as this may lead to revocation of your answering privileges.

            Updated: 14 Feb 2019 09:09 PM
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