How to reset password for your Chegg QA account?

Reset Password

How can I reset my password? I am not able to receive link for forgot password

If you are unable to Sign in to your Chegg account, worry not. We have got you covered!

To access your Chegg account again, you must reset your password. Here’s what you need to do: 

1. Go to Sign in Page
2. Click on “Forgot Password?” option at the bottom of on the Sign in window (refer to the image)
3. Enter the Email address registered with 
4. You will receive an email from Chegg Password Recovery ( containing a password reset link. Please wait for some time for the email and don’t forget to check the spam folder. 

NOTE: In case you do not receive any email, we request you to kindly click on “Forgot Password” again.  At times due to technical glitch, you may experience some delay in receiving the email containing your password reset details. We suggest you check the password recovery mail in all the folders of your mailbox including spam folder. Only you can reset your password on for your account.

5. Follow the instructions to reset the password.

Once you’ve successfully reset your password, click on the login link ( and start answering.

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