Payment, TDS and Bank Details

Payment, TDS and Bank Details

How are Payments processed in Chegg?

We process Expert payments once a month. 

Payments are processed through NEFT Bank transfer by 15th of Every month for the solutions submitted in the last month between 1st-31st.

For Example- For all the Valid responses submitted by an expert between 1st-31st January 2021, payments will be processed by 15th February 2021.

Will I be notified how much payment I will be getting in a month?

You shall receive details of your earning for the current month on/before 13th (date) of the subsequent month on your registered email ID and the corresponding payments would be processed to your bank account by 15th (date).

My payment was reversed from my bank account (Return back payment)?

We tried processing your payments but your bank refused to process it. Don't worry, your payment is safe with us, and we'll try and process it again in the next payment cycle.

Payments are reversed mainly due to one/more of following reasons: 

1. Bank details submitted by you are incorrect.

2. Your bank details pertain to an account which is not operational.

3. Bank details provided by you pertain to an account which is JOINTLY held by more than 1 party.

4. Your name as per our records does not match with the name available in bank records.

Why have you deducted 7.5% TDS from my Payment?

As per the Income Tax Guidelines:
We are required to deduct 7.5% TDS(Tax Deducted At Source) on all Expert payments that we process. For all such deductions made, we will provide you with a TDS certificate/Form 16 every quarter which you may use for claiming IT refunds (if eligible) at the time of filing your Income Tax Returns.

How can I update my bank details? 

We do not allow any Bank/Pan details change in our system.

Only in case of Bank Merger/Closure, we allow bank details modifications.

In case of IFSC changes, request you to share updated passbook/Cheque book with new IFSC code

Note- For bank account closure, please share the bank closure documents (from the bank) with us. After the verification, we will update your bank details in our records.

Can I submit my parents/friends bank details?

Sorry, we ONLY accept details of bank accounts that have been opened in your name (Joint Accounts are also not accepted). 

In case you submit the account details does not belong to you, your details will not be processed and hence no payment will be processed.