How to give a good quality solution on Chegg Q&A Board?

How to give a good quality solution on Chegg Q&A Board?

To Provide good quality solution on Chegg Q&A Board, follow the given points:

  • Always submit correct and complete solution with step by step detailed explanation in a well-organized manner.
  • Highlight key points, important steps, and common points of confusion wherever possible
  • Use new lines and spacing whenever possible to improve structure and readability of an solution
  • Use diagrams, tables, charts, and graphs to illustrate solutions

Please go through the informative video to improve on your answering quality: incorrect answers

Note: We follow a Zero tolerance policy for plagiarism. Please make sure you rephrase your solution in your own words even if you take any reference from other sources.

The character limit to solution the question is 65000. You can also add an image to your solution whenever required.

If you are submitting an image-based solution, we recommend you to provide a brief typed solution along with the images, for better students’ experience. 

For more clarity on Chegg Q&A Answering Guidelines , please check out our latest guideline documents- Chegg-answering-guideline

Equation Editor


Chegg provides a user-friendly writing tool for symbols, equations and formulas. The equation editor is built into the answering window. To access this tool, click on the fx button on the left of the bold button in the toolbar.

Common errors which experts usually commit while answering:

Plagiarized Solution – Plagiarism is using someone else’s work and submitting it as a part of your solution. Note: If you are not sure about the solution then skip the question using “Do not have subject knowledge to answer’’ option.

Giving Direct Solutions to Multiple Choices Questions – As per the guideline, provide detailed steps/explanation for the correct solutions. If you are answering anything just make sure the handwriting is very clear and legible.

Writing comments in solution section about a question – Answer section is for submitting solutions only! You might get revoked due to this, and we never want that to happen!

If a question has a link to another website for details – We do not appreciate this from the students. Please SKIP such questions as Abusive/Spam.

Calculation errors –Please double check the calculation before submitting the solution. Your challenging work will be in vain if you make some calculation errors.

Not Skipping Incomplete Questions – If a question is incomplete, then you should SKIP the question with ‘Needs More Information’ tag and provide comments in the SKIP section only. Do not write any comment in the answering section/comments section.

I am not able to submit my answer, it says I have used some special word/character?

Our answering editor restricts some special words and characters like tutor, coaching, center, WhatsApp, contact number, etc. to prevent any kind of abusive activity.
You can use such words with a hyphen; for example- Tu-tor, cent-er. Alternatively, you can post your answer as an image.



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