How to answer questions on Chegg Q&A Board

How to answer questions on Chegg Q&A Board

Steps to answer questions on Chegg Q&A Board

Steps to Login

Hey Expert,
As you begin your journey at Chegg, take a moment to understand how to navigate through our Q&A Answering Dashboard.
Please go through this short training module and submit your details at the bottom of this page as a mandatory confirmation.

Start answering on Q&A Board in just 2 Steps:
1.  Click on the following link:                  
2. Login using your credentials:
·       Username: Your registered mail id.  
·       Password: Your Password.  In case of a password mismatch, click on "forget password" option. You will receive an email from Chegg Password Recovery ( containing a password reset link. Please wait for some time for the email and don’t forget to check the spam folder. Follow the instructions received on your register email id to reset your password.

Post login, click on " Start Answering" button and you will be able to see the questions available for you to answer.

Note: To answer a question on Chegg Q&A Board, you will get 120 minutes(two hours) and 10 minutes to decide whether you want to answer it or skip to the next question.
Happy Chegging!

I am not able to complete my solutions within allotted time of two hours, please help!

We would recommend you to carefully choose questions which you can solve within the two hours’ time limit. However, if you are unable to submit your solution within the allotted time, the question will be automatically skipped. 

You may find some questions which can be answered well within one hour while others may take a bit more time. 

Note: Please solution the questions for which you are 100% confident that you will be able to solve within two hours' time. 

In some questions, students have posted many questions/many sub parts, do I have to answer all the questions? Also will i get paid separately for each question?

As per Chegg Q&A Guidelines you must answer first four sub-parts of a multiple sub-part question or only the first question where Multiple unrelated/different questions are posted by students .

However, for a higher CF score try solving the remaining parts/questions as well within two hours of time.

Minimum protocol: 

•At least the first 4 parts must be answered
•Example question:
•Mandatory: a, b, c, d
•Suggested: e, f
•*UNLESS the student asks for a specific sub-part to be answered

***Note: This is only the minimum requirement. We strongly encourage you to solve all the parts asked for within reason. This will not only provide the student with a more helpful solution but also help you get good feedback!

I received a question from different subject, can i solve the question if i know the solution?

Feel free to answer questions from different subject only if you are 100% sure about the solution. Also, make sure you provide step by step detailed explanation.

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