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    • Bank Mergers of Allahabad bank and Syndicate bank

      With effect from 1st July due to bank merger of Allahabad bank with Indian bank and Syndicate bank with Canara bank, IFSC codes of the Allahabad and Syndicate bank holders may have changed. We have shared an email to you to update your bank details. ...
    • Learn to categorize your query correctly for faster resolution

      Ever wondered how can you get the resolution of your query asap? Categorize your query correctly and get quick help from your support team. Correct categorization=faster query resolution. Once you land on the Support ticket page, you will see some ...
    • New sign-in flow on for answering

      New Sign-in flow on for answering We’ve upgraded our sign-in experience for all experts now! Please note: Until you sign in with your email id and password on the new sign in experience once, you cannot reset your password from the new ...
    • Technical issues/website glitches

      Technical issues/ website glitches We have also reported the below technical/login errors to our technical team. Kindly do not raise ticket for the below issue as our technical team is working towards a permanent fix : Login Issue – We encountered an ...
    • Deleted Solution on Chegg Q&A

      The content you are looking for has been removed as it violated Chegg's honor code. Here are a few reasons why your solution may have been removed: • The posted solution was found to be plagiarized (i.e. partially or fully copied from a third-party ...
    Announcements/ Updates
    • As per the latest government guidelines, all Q&A payments processed to bank accounts on or after 1st April 2021 will be processed with 10% TDS deduction instead of the previous 7.5%.

    • TDS forms for Q4-January-March 2020-2021 will be available by second week of July 2021

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      • CF Score

        What is CF score? CF score is a measure of the quality of solutions you submit. It is typically the % of positive ratings your solutions receive and is based on ratings given by students as well as our in-house Quality team.  To continue contributing ...
      • Subject Modifications- No subject change/addition requests will be entertained till end of August 2021

        Dear Expert, Please note that we are not entertaining any subject modifications(addition/change) requests till end of August 2021. Kindly do not raise any ticket for the same. Thankyou for your cooperation. 
      • Payment Details for the month of June 2021 will be shared on 13th July 2021 EOD

        Payment Details for the month of June 2021 will be shared on 13th July 2021 by end of the day ​ Please note: Payment for the month of June will be processed on or before 19th July 2021. Now you can also view your Chegg Q&A earnings online on the ...
      • Trial period

        What do you mean by Trial period? When you join Chegg, you are placed in Trial Period during which your solutions are closely monitored by our in house quality team. During this time, you will receive quality reviews from Chegg frequently. Generally, ...
      • Account Status

        I am getting redirected to homepage after logging in, is my account revoked? Yes, if you are getting re-directed to homepage repeatedly, then your account has been revoked. Account gets revoked due to non-adherence to Answering Guidelines. Some of ...